13 09 2009

Hello, Penguins!

It’s Winkie4, and I’ve decided to retire from IMAF. Why? Because, I’ve always tried to be helpful and obedient and I’ve always tried to come to as many IMAF events as I can. But I’m still a seargeant, and Lightning Miq says Im inactive so I got banned or something, which IM NOT. And plus, with all the events and everything, the owners have WAY too much power over it all. They decide everything, from what we do to what rank we have and if we should be banned or not. The people of IMAF A.K.A. under owner line have like hardly any power, and therefor we don’t even get promoted from all our hard work and everything. I cant come to many imaf events because lots are scheduled during the week at like 7:00 where I live, and that’s when I have football practice. My family does a lot of stuff over the weekend too, so I can’t come to the events. Since this is only on my website, I bet I won’t be heard, but Flippy or someone, if you’re out there, please post this on the Imaf site. And can you put a poll up to say if the owners have just a little less power? Even if I’m not heard, I still want to make a point. Now for the thankyou’s…

Since nobody has truely welcomed me to the IMAF, I don’t really have many.

Flippy: You have always been a great friend and stuck with me to the end. I’m sorry I’m retiring.

Leboto: You have been a good friend to me.

Mcnugget: Even though I didn’t get to be co-leader (though nobody really did) you are the owner of my group and I need to thank you for that.

Even though I’m kind of a noob, I know that more can be done to the IMAF.



Winkie 12345’s fashion blog!

5 09 2009

Hello, penguins!

Okay, my sister Winkie 12345 has been OBSESSED WITH CLUBPENGUIN. She may have amnesia. But now she’s begging and pleading for a blog like mine, I finally caved in. I’ve made a new blog, for her, so now she’s making some posts. I think it’s about fashion, you know, fashion for club penguin, but I’m not sure. Just check it out soon –  she says it’ll be pretty funny.


WINKIE 12345’S EDIT: I’m so excited to be here! I’m glad Winkie4 let me get my own blog! What I’ve been seeing around club penguin is MAJOR FASHION ALERT. So, like, I’m giving you all tips on how to be popular and that kind of stuff. Check it out! Like, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

❤ Winkie 12345

New Promotion/ other stuff

27 08 2009

Hello, penguins!

So far I’ve realized on IMAF that more penguins are retiring than joining. I don’t feel all to well about this, and I’m afraid IMAF will fall. I got a promotion to Seargeant (finally!) and that’s better. Times for IMAF events are also hard on me – I have football practice at 5:30-7:30, so usually I can never make it. More events on weekends, please! I also see that that’s when everyone it on. Flippy’s doing a good job – keep up the good work! I think we should start a war or something to keep being active. This has been Winkie4- Signing out.

~Winkie4 – Viper Sargeant.

IMAF Army!

10 08 2009

Hello, penguins!

Surprised? Don’t be. Even though I’m butt-sick of club penguin, I still want to do the IMAF army. I like it so much, and now I’m doing it full time. I’ll try to keep up with Flippy’s slightly complicated posts (No offense!), and I will be wearing the uniform full time, along with my signature viking helmet and 3d glasses. I’ll always going to be on Ice Palace, or is that the name… I seriously can’t remember. It’s 12:17 a.m. and I can’t even remember my homeroom at school. I have to go tomorrow. Or is it today now… hm. Anyway, I’ll try to go back to the army chat again, but don’t be surprised if I disappear off without reason. Now- On to patrol Ice Palace (I think! 😛 ) I’m joining because of Zam478 and Flippy. You guys rock.

Waddle on!

~Winkie4 — Green team Corporal, hopefully a promotion soon.

Final Post

26 06 2009

Hello, penguins!

Well, I’ve had it. Club Penguin is just too babyish. What drove me over the edge was the 101 days of “fun”. The style of it and all the activities made me wonder- why do I even play Club Penguin anymore? I mean, maybe some little six or seven year old might think it’s fun, but I’m too old for it for one thing. I mean, I’m turning twelve in 6 days!  So I gave a good long thought about this, and I finally decided to quit. Find another cheat site, like, but for me I don’t think it’s worth it. Now I may go on Club Penguin time to time, but maybe once every 3 months. I’m sorry to all you viewers who want me to stay, but like I said, I can’t do this. I’m not mad about Club Penguin, the whole idea is great. But I’m mad at what Disney did to it and how they altered it. It’s not fun. I don’t have the same feeling when I wake up on Friday morning and I race to the computer, wondering what’s new. Now I feel the drag of seeing how Disney stank up club penguin and how many views I’ll get to the site- What, 30 per day? That stinks. Disney has also changed this website, (technically). When club penguin was independent, My highest was 5,000 views per day. But since Disney stank it up, the highest I’ve gotten this year was 120 views. It’s not worth it. Well, I’d like to give a nice shout-out to my team- Zam478, I will remember the day when you found this website and made your first comment. You have been a huge help, and you’ve stuck with it as long as I have (or even longer!). Rudy446, you are just a little new, and even though you quit, I kept going strong for another month because you were an inspiration to me. Slimball2007, I remember when I had a piddly little website and I was like, “Can you be a moderator on my piddly widdle website?” and surprisingly, you said yes. Then my website grew, your army is now (at least I think) the BEST ARMY I HAVE EVER SEEN. Well, maybe just for club penguin. Mutant32z, I have sort of recently met you, and I am still amazed at your website and all it’s things you can do with it. I have put up a special poll you can vote on and I will check back every 3 months or so. I WILL NOT MODERATE COMMENTS.  Here’s a video I made.

Well, this is it.

Waddle on.


New Furniture Catalog and More!

19 06 2009

Hello, penguins!

First of all, let me get something straight. Club Penguin was really fun when I was 9 and Disney didn’t own it. Then when Disney saw that Club Penguin was making major money, they stepped in and bought it. Well, Disney made the game look like it’s for 4 and 6 year olds. Which is why I’m almost over the edge of quitting Club Penguin. I just wanted to say that.

Anyway, the new pin is at the Lighthouse on a rail.

June 19 09

The only other new thing is the Better Igloos Catalog. Here are the secrets…

Click the fire on the tiki torch to get the LCD Screen tv.


Click the Medieval Banner to get the Penguin Knight Sculpture.


Click the bottom bush of the poodle plant to get the wheelbarrow.


Click the right cornstalk to get the picket fence.


Only 4 secrets? This is another reason why I don’t like Disney so much.

Well, I guess that’s the end of the post.

Waddle on!


I’m back!

13 06 2009

Hello, penguins!

I’m back! Turns out I’m arriving a few days early than I thought. I had a great time at camp. Now I will continue doing daily posts! Well, not daily, but like weekly.

The new pin (last week) is on the sofa in the book room.

June 5 09

Also, last week, a new penguin style catalog came out! Here are the secrets!

Click the rock to get the canteen.

June 09_1

Click the dark grey brick to get the crystal staff.

June 09_2

I missed this earlier, but click the far right window to get the woodsman hat.

June 09_3

Click the dragon shadow to get the blue dragon suit.

June 09_4

Click the left teacup to get the black graduation hat.

June 09_5

Click the patch of light to get the viking helmet.

June 09_6

Open and close that box 4 times to get the blue viking helmet.

June 09_7

That’s all of them! Comment me if I missed one. Now, on to this week.

This week a play came back. Fairy Fables returns! Here’s a pic.

Fairy Fables

Here’s the cheats for that play.

Click the boom box to get the Silver Wand.


They also made a book to go with it. You can check it out at the stage.

Finally, the party! An Adventure party just came out in time for me to be back. The free item? It’s a safari hat at the plaza.

Adventure 09_1

They also have a member room right above the forest. It’s a little tree house. Here’s a pic!

Adventure 09_2

The free item there is a tropical bird and there’s a weird plant you can feed that gets bigger and bigger.

For the party, there’s also a scavenger hunt! The first item is a grey fish down in the pool. You have to wait for it too, and you do not have to say “Hello”.

Adventure 09_3

The second item is a long plant with pretty flowers. It’s at the cove.

Adventure 09_4

The next item is a turtle next to a rock. It’s at the dock.

Adventure 09_5

The next items are 4 flowers. They’re at the Snow Forts.

Adventure 09_6

The next item is a whale. It is off shore of the iceberg.

Adventure 09_7

The next item is a bunch of purple flowers. They’re at the plaza.

Adventure 09_8

The next item is a jellyfish (you have to click the bubbles to get it). It is at the beach.

Adventure 09_9

The final item is a really big pink flower. It’s at the forest.

Adventure 09_10

The prize is an adventure background (COME ON!).

Adventure 09_11

Well, that’s all of them! Check this website often, because as usual I will be posting reguarly on Fridays!

Waddle on!